Koh Taen. Ko Samui’s properties for rent are either listed by private home owners or property agents such as . If you like prostate massage then you can have that too for an additional 700 Baht. Koh Samui Hotels and Travel Guide - Koh Samui hotels and tourist Information Koh Samui is a cosmopolitan melting pot, attracting budget travellers staying for a month or two in simple beachside fan bungalows, to the mega rich, dropping in for a weekend at a luxury resort or villa on the beach. The only soapy massage parlor on Samui is located about 800 meters further down the road and is called The Resort Entertainment. There are two such places on Chaweng Beach and one on Lamai Beach (see map below). Koh Samui’s most famous entertainment strip is Soi Green Mango in Chaweng. Angthong Marine Park. 41 31 6. Close by... Food Entertain Accom. But of course the red light entertainment on Koh Samui isn’t limited to Soi Green Mango only. I talked to the mamasan about this and obviously she said that the officials are currently not cooperative in this matter. Of course there are also plenty of “normal” bars that don’t have prostitutes employed, but then still you will find a lot of freelancers hitting up those bars. Koh Local provides useful information for Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao Islands in Thailand. Other smaller and low key bars like Ketum Bar in Chaweng lure in their customers with comfortable seating, a laid back and romantic atmosphere as well as cheap drinks like 99 Baht cocktails and 60 Baht beers. I was getting a massage in Chaweng and I just couldn't help but ask her out. 30 46 10. etc., maybe the guy was a regular, but....well.... this is Thailand! 4 Way to Meet Thai Girls during the day: 1-Massage Girls 2-The Beach 3-Hotel Girls 4-Health and Yoga Resorts. The lighting downstairs is quite harsh, and very bright for a go go bar, with down lights shining onto all the sofas from the roof above. The highest concentration of beer bars on Koh Samui is all along Soi Reggae on the peninsular at Chaweng Lake. Chonticha’s gets so busy on some nights that they close as late as 10am. We are highly experienced and have been operating in Koh Samui for over 12 years. Cheers! 262 likes. By James Bond Island Rock. And because there is so much going on here and huge differences in the nightlife and girls scene depending on the beach, I think it makes sense to give you a rough overview of the daily entertainment before going into each category. Temple Thailand. You might think Thailand’s only places with foreigner oriented go go bars are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. The owner would do well to lessen the lighting, as its far too bright for a go go bar. MooNoi, I have highlighted the major clusters with at least half a dozen of massage salons in one area on the map below (yellow pins). Soi Reggae. You might be thinking I’m exaggerating and it should be no different to Pattaya or Phuket, but believe me, it’s one more level up. gogo bar on Ko Samui is currently closed for renovations. So overall, the place was okay. Don’t worry, even if you take the Thai massage and say “okay” half an hour into the treatment to her question “you want special?” or “massage here mai ka?” – she will (and should) still take out the oil bottle to make the treatment a more pleasing one for both of you. Thai Curry Green Curry. Getting to Koh Samui. Despite being only a 30-minute longtail boat ride from the fishing port of Thong Krut, this is an island the world has all but forgotten. What I don’t like is that the girls don’t even get topless, it’s always bikinis you see. I especially loved the massages on the beach, cause bikini + Massage + the sound of the waves is my idea of #winning in life. When it comes to the nightlife of Samui, you might find this island to be a little small. Well you are,so there!Rasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + - Welcome to Koh Local Your guide to the Surat Thani Province islands of Thailand. It’s a place for everyone irrespective of sexuality to meet, both local Thai, foreign expatriates, and tourists. So we went down to the what we know as the “Red Dress Bar” which is a popular Girly Bar on Koh Samui.. We call it this because the first time we went there all the girls were wearing red dresses. The young and beautiful simply go where the money, big hotels and busy nightclubs are. The beer bars in Lamai and Chaweng are cheaper and there's loads of freelancers around as well. I have seen the girls nowhere as attentive and eager to make you come in for a “special massage” than here in Koh Samui. ------------------------------------------------------------------------. Soi Green Mango is to Koh Samui what Soi Cowboy is to Bangkok and Walking Street is to Pattaya, albeit on a smaller scale. Koh Samui is a large and small island at the same time. Good Girls” sind überall auf Koh Samui. Right opposite is the Sweet Soul Café which is smaller and seems to lose most of the potential customers to the more sophisticated and impressive Green Mango Club. But as soon as she finished dancing in her bracket, she left the stage and went and sat straight down with another farang on the other side of the room. Prices start from 200 baht (6 euros) for an hour and you are spoiled for choice as you can find dozens of stations everywhere you go. They don’t charge entrance fees but the drink prices are rather pricey, generally starting from 260 Baht with the exception being Paris Follies where drinks start at 390 Baht, but it has the hottest transvestites on the island. 17 23 4. Apart from the beautiful views, you can also snorkel and play with hundreds of colorful fish. About 60% of all massage shops are found on Chaweng Beach alone, 20% on Lamai Beach and the remaining 20% spread all around the little beaches on the northern and southern coast. Pecan Pie Nut. Fly P. sounds great - wish I was not in the bloody UK! In regards to size, it is Thailand’s third largest island after Phuket and Ko Chang. The economy of the island is built off of tourists. From what we found out from talking to the ladies, no one would walk out of there for under 1500 baht - short time! Free pool, 80 Baht Chang bottles (or 120 Baht pints), lots of TVs with live sport and modern yet cosy setup. There are countless of more beer bars spread all around Chaweng and Lamai (again, the bars in Lamai aren’t nearly as full with girls like those in Chaweng). Ferry: The cheapest way to get to Koh Samui is to take a ferry from Surat Thani or one of the other nearby islands. That was quite an extensive nightlife guide on Koh Samui, I hope that you got some good overview now and as always, I will make sure to update this page in the future so the info stays up-to-date. 10 7 4. There is another Go Go Bar on Soi Green Mango called Galaxy with all Russian girls. Aber wenn du nicht weißt, wo Sie zu suchen sind, kann man leider durch die große Menge der “Bad und Very Baaad Girls überwältigt werden und man könnte zu dem falschen Schluss kommen, dass es keine “Good Girls” auf Samui gibt. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back though. A little overpriced, and the lighting a little harsh, but the quality of the girls, very good. Powered by Invision Community. If you visit Chaweng, you will find several live music venues and dance bars.Dance to the tunes of the traditional Thai music or enjoy karaoke with your group at one of the local bars. Buddha Temple Religion. Temple Travel Pagoda. I mean, why go party in a Go Go Bar and pay premium prices when you don’t even get to see some nipples? Then you are probably surprised when I tell you that there are also a couple of Go Go’s in Soi Green Mango, Chaweng. Of course another great way to meet ladyboys for free, not just on Koh Samui but all around Thailand is by using the popular online dating site. Sea Spa Beach Resort. Beer from 80 Baht, Lady Drinks 150 Baht, Sang Som including mixers 400 Baht and the Bar Fine is 300 Baht. But perhaps the best of Koh Samui’s luxury resorts is the otherworldly Six Senses Samui. 34 20 4. There is a perspex floor (similar to "Baccarat" in Soi Cowboy), with girls dancing upstairs. In Pattaya they wouldn’t bother and only look up from their phones when you are walking past the store, but here the girls seem more “hungry”. K-Club Koh Samui and Together Massage & Spa are the only boy bar in the Chaweng Beach area. Koh Samui’s best nightlife is found at Chaweng Beach and visitors will find this area at its busiest after dark.. Koh Samui is all about music, dancing and fun. Chaweng Beach is home to all major night clubs on Koh Samui. The highlight of the street It’s almost overwhelming how many hot massage ladies are yelling at you when you are walking, or even driving, along the streets in Chaweng. If you want my recommendation for the best beer bar on Soi Green Mango, then I’d say Chonticha’s (see picture above), it hasn’t only the most girls, but also some of the hottest girls on the strip. The average asking price for property rentals in Ko Samui is ฿ 58,962 for houses and ฿ 0 for commercials. He went and saw the farang owner, and (politely), told him that he was a little dissapointed with the situation, and while he understands that a lot of the girls are new, it would be polite to re-join him after dancing. Drink prices range from 130 Baht for beers to 170-190 Baht for spirits. Just don’t make the mistake and come here too early as the action really starts well after midnight when people pour in from the beer bars and get intimate on the atmospheric open-air dance floors. 97 Free images of Koh Samui. There are about 8 girls dancing on the stage downstairs, and about 4 dancing upstairs. Koh Samui is a small paradise island in Thailand known for its lush greenery, white sandy beaches, coconut groves, dense mountainous rainforest, posh spas and many beautiful private villas nestled along the coast, as well as mountain villas overlooking stunning ocean views – … Koh Samui Children Play. nice review - now we only need t establish the ST/LT going rates? The largest island in the Gulf of Thailand (even larger than Koh Chang) has the most happening nightlife and the highest number of female Thai sex workers. Dream Girls [Type]Night Spot [Sub-Type]Gogo Bar [City]Koh Samui, Thailand [Area]Chaweng [Address]Soi Green Mango, Chaweng Beach Rd, Bo Phut, Ko Samui, Surat Thani [TEL]No Info. Refine your search to help you find the perfect Ko Samui property by price and number of bedrooms. Perched on a jungle-covered cliff above the bright sands of Choeng Mon, where the resort’s leafy interiors are blessed with touches like a dramatic infinity pool, award-winning spa … Just off the southwest coast of Koh Samui, in the Samui archipelago, you’ll find Koh Matsum. The bar fines in the girly bars are between 300 and 500 Baht and the lady drinks generally cost 150-190 Baht. Girly Bar on Koh Samui Review from Ben Gunna . No problem with that. 9 8 4. Koh Samui Property - villas, apartments, condos, real estate investments by Real Samui Properties Tel: +66 (0) 92-595-4394 (Thai) +44 … If you are looking for the perfect island in Thailand that has it all – beautiful beaches, a huge choice of both fine Thai and Western restaurants, shopping malls, and overwhelmingly many Farang friendly Thai ladies – then you will find your paradise on Koh Samui. And three of the most popular venues are found on the party strip of Soi Green Mango with by far the most popular one being Green Mango Club (which became so legendary during its 26 years history that the whole street got named after it). Massage prices are 200-300 Baht for a Thai massage and 300-400 Baht for an Oil Massage. Its called "Dream Girls", and is situated at the enterance to Soi Green Mango, just off the main beach road. Here you can find incredible water surrounded by huge rocks. The lady drinks are a hefty 120 baht, and bar fine is 500 baht. Should you get bored with those places then you might try Q Bar, which is a more upscale venue on top of a steep hill with fine views over Chaweng lake, Ark Bar Beach Club that is just like the name suggests a mix of beach bar and beach club, Reggae Pub (picture) with live music and open air views over Chaweng lake or, if you want to party Thai style like the locals do with a bottle of whiskey and Thai music: X-5 in a quiet road near the airport. Samui Dream Villas, Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand. The owner seemed rather disinterested in hearing his views, (which, again, he said politely and without getting narky or angry), but did say he'd talked to the mama-san about it. That alone suggests that it does a reasonable trade. The Thai massage girls here obviously wear sexy red Japanese dresses and upon entry one of them will sit next to you on the couch and present you the menu where you can find services like standard nuru gel massage for 1,650 Baht (HJ, no take off) and if you want the full program it’s going to cost you 2,950 Baht inclusive of body to body treatment. I understand the girls need to make money etc. Well, relatively new - its been open a month. Upon landing at the Surat Thani airport, you’ll hop on a bus that will take you out the ferry pier—keep in mind this boat + ferry journey is about 3 hours to your travel time. Another Koh Samui hidden gem is the Silver Beach which, in my opinion, is the most beautiful beach on the island. 13 12 4. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It is the beating heart of the island’s nightlife, home to cheap drinks, loud music and good times. I went in and checked it out last night with my Dad and brother who came over from Australia to … One of them is called Dream Girls and has girls even hotter than the ones in the beer bars dancing on the self-rotating stage. Eighteen years ago this August, I was a first-time visitor to both Thailand and Koh Samui. I was on the island of Koh Samui when I met Nit (not her real name). The most popular place on Soi Green Mango is Henry Africa’s Bar (see first picture of the guide), that is packed every night with mostly tourists, some expats and lots of hot Thai girls who don’t carry name tags but are employed by the bar and you can buy them drinks for 90-150 Baht and take out later on by paying the bar fine of 400 Baht. Even when you drive past a massage salon they try to get your attention. In recent years Koh Samui has shed its label of being a backpacker’s haven and has widely become known for being the ‘wellness’ destination of Thailand. I can think of more than a few such bars in Bangkok and Pattaya that appear to have never undergone renovations. Despite the fact that it was a major Buddhist holiday, Soi Nana was open Friday night. It is filled with nightclubs, … I went in and checked it out last night with my Dad and brother who came over from Australia to see me and have a holiday. Nightlife, Party Life, and the Women of Koh Samui Thailand. I used some pick up lines, not just on hookers but also on normal shop employees and they always replied back in English, some hooker even got angry and literally shouted at me “I don’t like Farang speak Thai!” Don’t want to comment further on it, so let’s come to the juicy part of this guide. Those prices are ridiculous they can be had a lot cheaper. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Sound is the third and least visited club on Soi Green Mango. 7 4 3. The way it works in these places is that you order a drink, enjoy the show on stage (impressive costumes and gestures etc.) You can also visit Sweet Soul Café, Mint Bar, and Mambo Club for a wide variety of drinks, cuisines, loud music, and late-night parties. Book Dreams Villa Resort, Ko Samui on Tripadvisor: See 127 traveler reviews, 112 candid photos, and great deals for Dreams Villa Resort, ranked #28 of 287 specialty lodging in Ko Samui and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. 1- Massage Girls: The most obvious and easiest first. She's a gorgeous 21 year-old girl from Nongkhai. Koh Samui (Samui Island) is a cosmopolitan melting pot, attracting budget travellers staying for a month or two in simple beachside bungalows, to the wealthiest holidaymakers dropping in for a weekend at one of the many luxury resort or villa on the many white sand beaches of Koh Samui. Another great reason to give the Sweet Soul Café a try is their great drink special: Four shots Vodka bucket with mixers of your choice for 100 Baht. My first trip to Koh Samui: August, 2003 near Choeng Mon Beach. Yes, there are also plenty of beer bars and massage salons (happy ending ones) but not nearly as many and I also found the quality of girls in Chaweng is so much better than in Lamai. There are always half a dozen of dancers on stage trying to make eye contact with the customers while the others walk around and introduce themselves to you before politely asking for a lady drink (190 Baht) and to sit next to you. There is literally nothing to monger on the western and southern coast. It is a street named after the most famous Reggae pub there. You could tell from his attitude when talking to him that he probably would do no such thing, but anyway.... maybe I'm being a little harsh, but such is life! Like in all other night clubs you will find plenty of Thai freelancers as well as “normal” girls who just come to have fun and potentially for one night stands with foreign men. Copyright 2019 Thai360 If you like her, you can also arrange to meet her after work at 2am for some naughty fun in your hotel room. I thought I was just headed on a “typical beach vacation”, so I was surprised at how badly wrong I got the Thai dress code.Culture-wise and climate-wise: my packing got an F. Long time seemed to be 2000-3000 depending on the lady. and then it’s not hard to have an attractive ladyboy to sit next to you. We are 2 girls traveling to Bangkok and then Koh Samui in late April. You’ll see there is no shortage of places to get laid on Samui and the biggest and wildest party place in that regards is Ark Bar Beach Club right on Hat Chaweng. The prices are quite hefty though, IMHO. Koh Samui Guest & Girl Friendly Hotels ohne Joiner Fee Girlfriendly Koh Samui Hotels ohne Joiner Fee. The girls are very attractive for the most part, with a quality similar to Bangkok, and many lovely-looking girls. There is a new go go bar in Koh Samui. To experience Koh Samui Nightlife go-go bars such as Dreamgirls and Galaxy Samui beckons you with their scantily dressed girls. 19 19 2. 10 10 2. 1500 st/2-3k lt sounds similar to bkk prices at top venues! I don't know if it is because the girls are mainly new, but my brother was talking to a lovely young girl and bought her a lady drink. If you are a single male traveler looking for fun and pleasure with local Thai girls (well, about 60-70% of all hookers on Samui actually come from Isaan) then make sure you book your hotel on Chaweng Beach. After 10 minutes, a lady drink, and a bar fine from him, she left! Koh Samui property - Real Samui Properties My Account. guess they can get it too, as compitition is weak, but wealthy punters are probably too far & few between??? - 5 Best Places for Nightlife in Thailand, - 5 Best Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok, - 3 Best Islands in Thailand for a Vacation. Well, relatively new - its been open a month. 9 3 2. more Dream Girls in Ko Samui, Thailand. Probably 1 out of 5 of the girls working would be, (in my opinion), judged in the "very good looking" category! You’ll get your 300 Baht whiskey and mixer buckets there and it makes a fine place to meet different people than just Thais. It’s a safe place to meet for either drinks massage or party through the night. I think it’s got something to do with that there are so few expats on Koh Samui and instead thousands of tourists every year, a lot of them first timers that the massage girls see as the most attractive target. The girls dance in "group rotation" (for want of a better term! 90% of all Thai-Farang sex on Koh Samui is happening on the beach towns on the eastern side of the island, especially Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai (Hat is the Thai word for beach). Call me picky, but I think its fair to expect a girl to come back and talk to her prior customer once she's finished dancing, especially if he's forked-out 120 baht on a lady-drink and spent two minutes with her before dancing! There are also some hotels on the southern and northern coast, such as Bophut Beach, Maenam Beach and Lipa Noi Beach, but again: Those places are better for reading books all day long and a quiet seafood dinner at night. All-in-all, I would say the club had about 30 girls dancing. That’s really cool because no matter where you sit, you can watch all girls closely front and back. The scene is much better in Lamai, cuties are abound at the Bauhaus. I have highlighted the main hotspots of bars on the map, they are often clustered together with massage salons (see below). Koh Pha Ngan is a short boat ride from Koh Samui, located off the coast of Surat Thani province in the Gulf of Thailand. Cup Coffee Tea Art. Ko Samui is a haven for party people and tourists looking to have a good time. Unfortunately there are no pure 100% ladyboy beer bars on Koh Samui, but if you can afford the couple of hundred Baht extra, then the Ladyboy Cabaret Bars make more than up for it. It’s an about 300 meter long horseshoe shaped alley on the Beach Road and feels like Walking Street light, with a couple of go go bars, three night clubs and about a dozen of girly bars (or beer bars). There is no one real stereotype, and many of the Thai girls are prostitutes, which rules many of them out. It’s still a nice party place with bar stools all around the circle shaped grounds, offering perfect views of both the club and the party strip outside. 90% of all Thai-Farang sex on Koh Samui is happening on the beach towns on the eastern side of the island, especially Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai (Hat is the Thai word for beach). Here are some of my favorite strategies for picking up very attractive Thai girls in Koh Samui during the day. Answer 1 of 4: Need advice! Most of them who talked to us told us they have never worked in a go go before and were new to the scene. As its pretty much the only "true" go go on Samui, I guess he can keep his prices high as there's no competition. What I also noticed is that most Thai hookers on Samui don’t like Farangs who can speak Thai. However, I saw some absolutely lovely ladies at the bars in Chaweng next to The Reggae Pub, and also at a couple of the bars in Lamai. Girly Bar on Koh Samui. She said she had to go and dance after a few minutes. A 1000 baht is good payment for Samui. October 6, 2002 in Nightlife. It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of beer bars on Chaweng are equipped with poles and during busy nights and lots of lady drinks it’s not uncommon that some of the girls decide to get wild on the small stages. 95 baht for a Henieken, Carlsburg, Kloster, and only slightly less for Singha and Chang. The upstairs area contains the washrooms, which are quite nice, and is called "The GB Lounge" apparently. Kind of well kept secrets and only known to few people are the two massage parlors in a quiet street nearby the airport. We went to dinner that night with a friend of hers, and had a great time. Yes, these are Farang prices and if you talk with her nicely, you can bring down the prices a little. One of the best villas in Koh Samui, Villa M can accommodate larger groups throughout its five lavish bedrooms thoughtfully decorated with South East Asian influences, from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. There’s no fishbowl though and instead you will be following the mamasan into a spacious room with couches, sit down with her and listen as she presents you the different options: 3,500 Baht for standard room, 4,500 Baht for VIP room with bath and body to body and 5,500 Baht for one of the “models from Bangkok”. Its called Dream Girls, and is situated at the enterance to Soi Green Mango, just off the main beach road. The bar is nicely decked-out, with a comfy seating area around the main stage, which has a revolving carousel in the middle, although the carousel looks like it will fall apart eventually - it shakes and wobbles, and doesn't look too strong! Only if you are traveling with your girlfriend and aren’t planning a naughty threesome, you may choose instead the more relaxing Lamai Beach which is a few kilometers south of Chaweng and a 20 minutes ride by motorbike. Excuse me, of course I mean 90% of the nightlife spots on Samui are found on the east coast. In other words: Koh Samui has the best island nightlife in all of Thailand (if we ignore Phuket which is technically an island but doesn’t feel like one). The two gogo bars on Samui are expensive, just the way it is. Koh Matsum’s unspoilt beaches will have you feeling like a castaway, as they’re pretty secluded. Catering to those looking to escape their day to day lives and focus on self-improvement. Koh Samui provided some of the best massages we had in Thailand. They also got free pool and table tennis. Also, a lot of massage salons in Chaweng have ladyboys employed, especially those shops at the very northern and southern ends of the beach. Police said the raid was easy as the organisers did a lot of publicity (below) on social media for the Celebration 5 Bang party, where the bar promoted the event to celebrate its fifth year in business. Yes there is the odd bar or massage salon, but it’s nothing compared to Chaweng and Lamai. After you agreed with her on one of the services she will call in the girls who line up in front of you and you make your choice before following her up to the room and enjoy the next 90 minutes in heaven. Just smile when she suggests 1,000 Baht for a hand job, you should pay no more than 500 Baht for it, if you are a little skilled and lucky you may even get away for 200-300 Baht. Short time sex with a Samui bar girl costs 1,000-2,000 Baht (negotiable). Koh Samui Nightlife Overview. Seems a lot when there's some great alternatives in Lamai and near the Reggae Pub willing to go for 1000 baht long time! Ki-Mo-No offers Japanese style massages with nuru gel (which basically makes your body hotter than standard oil, and thus brings you on temperature very quickly so you have to be careful to not shoot off your load too quickly). ), dancing for about 4 or 5 songs, and then swapping as a group. The bar fine is 800 Baht before midnight and 600 Baht after, not including the dancer’s price for sex which is generally 2,000 Baht at least. As a visitor, you may notice that there are many different ethnicities of girls out there, so you need to choose wisely. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. There is a new go go bar in Koh Samui. Excuse me, of course I mean 90% of the nightlife spots on Samui are found on the east coast. Dream Girls, the only (?) Almost ready to go into the various types of nightlife on Samui, but just one more thing I noticed here: The girls are super attentive and yelling at you louder and with more enthusiasm than pretty much anywhere else in Thailand. There was the usual selection of Isaan girls, but there seemed to be a fair number from the south too - mainly Chumpon, Surat Thani and Hat Yai. It takes about 45 minutes to one hour to cross the island from west to east by motorbike. Only if you are reaching the island by ferry you are going to see the west coast as the ferry terminal is located there.

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