Bolt … If the muscle doesn’t fully recover, an injury recurrence is probable. But I don’t get over-confident,” said Bolt, who has said this will be his final Olympics. De Grasse also took home a second bronze as a member of the 4x100m relay team, with teammates Akeem Haynes, Brendon Rodney and Aaron … The hamstring group of muscles are three muscles on the back of your thigh that play an important role in running. But De Grasse has enjoyed a meteoric rise, and few would doubt he is capable of running much faster in the short sprint. LONDON (AP) — Hardly a week goes by without someone mentioning Usain Bolt and his playful finger wag toward the Canadian sprinter. Jamaica's Usain Bolt has again grinned his way across a finishing line - but this time he had someone to smile at, Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse. De Grasse is due to appear in Monaco, where Bolt will run 100m, but only as part of a Canadian 4x100m relay team – thus avoiding a head-to-head … Canada’s Andre De Grasse has advanced to the final of the Olympic 100 metres set to take place on Sunday night at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.. Usain Bolt and Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse finished first and second in Wednesday’s 200-meter semifinal. He was the first male athlete to win a medal for Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics. (Matt Dunham/Associated Press) Just came back from watching the most famous track and field race of the Olympics – men’s 100m dash, where Usain Bolt tried for a third gold medal against some really tough competitors – Justin Gatlin, and our new rising superstar, Andre De Grasse! Info. In fact, the world record holder was offering a friendly warning. And De Grasse won Canada’s first individual sprint medal since Donovan Bailey in 1996, with a 9.91 for bronze. He has three siblings: Julian, Alexandra and Dantee Waithe. Andre de Grasse said he wanted to go with Usain and that is what he has done. Copy link. The book will feature photographs from De Grasse's life, from growing up in Markham, Ont., to grabbing the world's attention in 2016, when he raced alongside sprinting legend Usain Bolt. asymmetry of De Grasse’s sprinting style, asymmetry was revealed during a biomechanical analysis. One of Bolt’s main rivals, American Justin Gatlin, who took silver in the 100m, will not be in the race on Thursday. Andre De Grasse was aiming for a chance to dethrone Jamaica’s Usain Bolt as the fastest man in the world. Injuries can occur at this point of the running cycle because these muscles are generating tremendous amounts of force to maintain, or increase, forward running velocity. But they had not previously been linked as friends. In the final, Bolt grabbed gold and De Grasse seized silver. De Grasse settled for silver, just days after he came close to beating Bolt in the semi-final. Print this page. It was a point of pride for Andre De Grasse — the Jamaican great acknowledging his presence at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. “I remember that I still have to run and execute right, so I’m focused on getting it done.”, Additional reporting by Gene Cherry and Kayon Raynor, editing by Ed Osmond. Gatlin took home the silver medal and Andre De Grasse of Canada nabbed the bronze Bolt is the first athlete to ever win the 100m three times - and at three straight Olympics Tap to unmute. 2500 University Drive NW Look at me: Jamaica's Usain Bolt smiles as he looks at Canada's Andre De Grasse, (right), during a semifinal in the men's 100 meters at the Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro By Scott Malone RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Usain Bolt admitted to being surprised by Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse's final burst of speed in Wednesday's Olympic 200 metres semi-final. Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse’s apparent chumminess during the Olympic 200-meter semifinal Wednesday didn’t sprint by social media without being noticed. As the Director of the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary, I can assure sports fans these injuries are definitely not contagious, but a risk factor for all elite athletes — especially sprinters. While De Grasse was wise to leave something in the tank for the final, catching Bolt in a major competition proved elusive again for the 21-year-old Canadian – as it has for every sprinter on the planet. The Jamaican seven-times gold medallist exchanged friendly smiles with first-time Olympian De Grasse as they charged towards the line to finish the heat in 19.78 and 19.8 seconds respectively. I said ‘What are you doing, it’s a semi-final?’ But I think he wanted to push me. Even more to the point: It was a potential sign of things to come, even if De Grasse… De Grasse crossed in 19.80. Shopping. — Karon Liu (@karonliu) August 18, 2016 Seriously De Grasse and Bolt should have just held hands crossing the line. "Usain Bolt was so aggressive out of the blocks. “I need to run efficiently and get into the straight and run the perfect race.”. Digital Privacy Statement De Grasse and Bolt had a memorable duel in the semi-final round of the 200m at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Website feedback, University of Calgary E … Plus, he set a new Canadian record amid the tomfoolery with Bolt. Bolt will not race in the 200-metre event in London, instead choosing to focus on the 100-metre and 4×100-metre races. De Grasse nabbed global attention at the NCAA Championshipsby winning both the 10… Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse is out of the World Championships after tearing a hamstring. “I definitely think I can try for the world record, I definitely feel that,” Bolt said. “I’m happy, you know what I mean? I was a bit lazy but I got round,” said Bolt, who is aiming to win his third triple batch of Olympic gold medals in Rio. «Ja to contest World Team Squash Champs ; Tonight's the night - Williamson» More Sports. But Bolt said that De Grasse … Usain Bolt grinned his way over the line, once again, in the men's 200-m semifinals — and Canadian Andre De Grasse was right alongside him. Once the scar tissue has developed, exercise therapy can help increase muscle strength so the scar tissue gets properly replaced with new muscle tissue. De Grasse has been mentioned in recent times as one of the upcoming sprinters to lead the sport forward when the world's fastest man retires later this year, and he further fuelled that discussion earlier this week when he said he intends to beat Bolt in both the 100 and 200m sprints before Bolt retires. Bolt is the 100m world record-holder at 9.58, while De Grasse is more than three-tenths of a second slower at 9.91. Both De Grasse’s parents were sprinters in their youth. While increased strain is the mechanism, you need to understand why there was increased strain. Injuries occur when these three muscles undergo too much strain and they develop tears or they cramp up. Bolt is the best of all-time and De Grasse wants to beat him. Judging by recent hamstring injuries of high-profile athletes at the world track and field championships in London, some may muse that perhaps it’s a contagious virus hitting sprinters. All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. CANADA, Reed Ferber, Faculty of Kinesiology and Nursing, writing in Conversation Canada, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt lays on the track after suffering a hamstring injury in the final of the men’s, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. A third-degree tear would be a complete rupture of the muscle and a catastrophic career-ending injury. Bolt won his third gold in a row at an Olympic Games, while De Grasse took bronze in his very first outing as an Olympian. Usain Bolt admitted to being surprised by Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse's final burst of speed in Wednesday's Olympic 200 meters semi-final. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, right, gestures towards Canada’s Andre De Grasse after the finish of the men’s 200-meter semifinal during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Usain Bolt won the semifinal in 19.78 seconds, with De Grasse following close behind at 19.80, setting a new national record for Canada. Usain Bolt and Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse finished first and second in Wednesday’s 200-meter semifinal. Usain Bolt used his influence to make sure he did not come up against sprint rival Andre De Grasse in the Monaco Diamond League 100m race, according to the Canadian's coach. The 22-year-old De Grasse took silver behind Bolt in the 200 at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and bronze behind Bolt and Justin Gatlin in the 100. Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Bolt is the 100m world record-holder at 9.58, while De Grasse is more than three-tenths of a second slower at 9.91. And that’s how it should be. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt embraces Canada’s Andre De Grasse after they won gold and bronze respectively in the men’s 100-meter final during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. But the day before the start of the 100 metre competition, the Canadian sprinter announced a hamstring tear had forced him to withdraw. Andre De Grasse, Adam Gemili, Trayvon Bromell, and Omar McLeod are among the sprinters who will line up in the men's 60m at the American Track League Meeting #1, which kicks off the 2021 World Athletics Indoor Tour … During the Rio Olympics, I discussed the asymmetry of De Grasse’s sprinting style and more recently Bolt’s running asymmetry was revealed during a biomechanical analysis. Andre De Grasse was born to Beverley De Grasse and Alex Waithe on 10 November 1994. However, a hamstring cramp can often be misdiagnosed and could, in fact, be a tear, similar to what De Grasse experienced. Bolt was visibly supportive of De Grasse during both the semis and finals, hugging him after the race and saying to reporters "He came through again. Rio 16- Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse. De Grasse placed third and received the bronze medal behind Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin, at 9.91 seconds, which was his personal best time.He was the first male athlete to win a medal for Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics. De Grasse and Bolt should travel the world and solve mysteries together. Bolt and Canadian Andre de Grasse set up a 200m showdown after crossing the line laughing together in their semi-final but 100m silver medallist Justin Gatlin missed out. Treatment usually takes the form of first allowing the tear to heal up, similar to how a cut on your skin needs time to develop a scab and scar tissue. As professionals, Bolt and De Grasse are stablemates under the Puma banner. A second-degree tear was later confirmed by ultrasound. It’s this action that commonly leads to injuries because the muscle is trying to shorten and contract, but the knee is extending very quickly, which pulls on the hamstring and creates a tremendous amount of strain.